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Take your business to the next step! Neuroscience based coaching opens possibilities to take action to turn your business into what it should be.  Develop your Leadership skills to influence others and yourself.

Discover what you have to offer! When you hire a coach, you engage in a thought-provoking process where the possibilities are endless.

Coaching for leadership creates quality decisions impacting by example and reaching new heights.

Envision, create, and strengthen your ties. Coaching brings you closer to yourself and your family.


New Perspectives Magazine contains featured articles from industry experts aimed at helping you to gain insight on how to shine in your professional and personal life. Readers find relevant and life changing information to gain a new perspective on personal development in the areas of: Wellness, Relationships, Family, Spirituality, Career, Finance.


Leverage the Power of Neuroscience to Create Impactful Coaching Conversations that Change the World. This is a unique program by Judith E. Glaser. Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches will open up a new lens for understanding and redefining what conversations are, why neuroscience plays such a significant role and how you as a coach can leverage these powerful methodologies with your clients.

Understanding and utilizing the neuroscience of conversations will enable you to achieve profound transformational results and revolutionize the way we interact as human beings - whether you’re working with individuals, teams or entire organizations.

Whether you are a business or ministry leader, Christian Neuro Coaching® (CNC) is an essential training that polishes and expands leadership and coaching skills to those desiring to transition any relationship to the next level. Supports a culture of trust, commitment and personal responsibility with self and others.

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